Version history

Versions follow CalVer with a strict backwards compatibility policy. The first digit is the year, the second digit is the month, the third digit is for regressions.


Released on 2018-06-13

  • This update is a complete re-design of the forge library.
  • forge.sign is now a subclass of forge.Revision, and forge.resign is integrated into forge.Revision.__call__.
  • the following group revisions have been introduced:
    • forge.compose,
    • forge.copy,
    • forge.manage,
    • forge.returns
    • forge.synthesize (a.k.a. forge.sign)
    • forge.sort
  • the following unit revisions have been introduced:
    • forge.delete,
    • forge.insert,
    • forge.modiy,
    • forge.replace
    • forge.translocate (a.k.a. forge.move)
  • Marker classes are no longer singletons (instances can be produced)
  • stringify_callable is now the more serious repr_callable
  • introducing callwith, a function that receives a callable and arguments, orders the arguments and returns with a call to the supplied callable
  • var-positional and var-keyword parameters now accept a type argument


Released on 2018-05-15

  • Initial release